We are going Greener than our Vegetables

About us

We live in a world today where information is more readily available than ever before and has enabled the modern consumer to demand products that are healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty. Increased pressure from the public is now forcing the producer to rethink their present methods of production to provide for enhanced supply while not placing additional pressure on increasingly scarce resources. Our passion is to pioneer this movement so that we can do our small part in providing a future for generations to come.

Brief Overview

CT Organics is an initiative that is aimed at sourcing and supplying a range of organically, biologically and locally grown fresh produce. Our vision is to provide our consumers a healthier and more sustainable food source, that they WANT to eat which has been produced using the most environmentally friendly methods that is economically possible. We live in a world today that is highly interconnected which in many ways is advantageous, however, in order for CT Organics to improve the sustainability of its value chain there is a constant focus placed on reducing its reliance on synthetic and external inputs by working with nature and to harness natural energy sources such as solar energy and biogas.


Our venture started on a site situated just outside of Curry’s Post village in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. This was a culmination of a range of complimentary farming technologies that work together as one biodynamic system. In other words, our own little food producing ecosystem. It may not be perfect but is a work in progress and keeps one puzzling constantly on how to improve and become more efficient. The entire system of biodynamic farming revolves around a system of giving and taking. So, for example, all our vegetable waste that comes out of the pack shed is fed to our cows who turn it into protein while also producing their own waste which is used to grow the very pastures that feed them. Our present compliment of technologies that we use are:

  • Aquaponics
  • Openland Organic Vegetable Production
  • Sustainable Energy- Biogas and Solar
  • Composting
  • Livestock Production

How these work and interact will be explained further in About Us

Our Products

CT Organics holistic farming best practice, allows us to bring you  aquaponic lettuce and Organic fresh produce that is all hormone and antibiotic free and rich in antioxidants.



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Latest News

CT Organics has recently chosen to launch a new brand, namely, Greener Pastures.   The reason for doing so is to offer our clientele a wider range of products, that are fresh and sourced locally from